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We are corals galore and saltwater animals are our passion! We started our shop about 4 years ago because we wanted to get great prices on fish and coral for our friends and family as well as our own tanks. Through word of mouth from our family and friends we quickly began selling out of much of what we had. That’s when we realized we should open up to the general public. Since then business has grown and grown and now we want to offer our great prices, healthy livestock, and passion for the hobby to everyone nationally. Thanks Leigh, Brandon, and Cody!

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513 W Funderburg, Fairborn, Ohio 45324

Frequently ask Questions

TEMPERATURE 1. On average, most tropical aquariums do best with temperatures ranging from 23 to 28 degrees Celsius (73-82 degrees Fahrenheit)

LIGHTING 1. The type of lighting depends upon what kind of animals you desire to keep. One of the most important factors is the light intensity. A high color temperature is also important.

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